Where Engineering Meets Efficiency

Eco Illini Supermileage is the University of Illinois’s premier efficiency team. Our goal is to design and manufacture the most energy efficient prototype vehicle possible.

Our vehicles compete annually at Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, where we try to achieve the most miles per gallon (gasoline) and miles per kilowatt-hour (electric) possible.

“Imagine driving 1000 miles on 1 gallon of gas

Our Mission

We strive to give our members a place to apply course content to the real-world, develop their technical and professional skills in a small-team setting, and provide them with valuable experiences to obtain a successful career as an engineer or in another field/industry.

We emphasize the importance of efficiency across our work, with key emphasis in the following areas: aerodynamics, weight reduction, sustainable design and optimization. We hope to provide all members a new perspective with regards to scope, applicability, and diversity within engineering.

The Competition

We compete at Shell Eco-Marathon Americas using both gasoline and electric prototype vehicles alongside many other universities in North and South America. This competition is held in the late-Spring, either in Sonoma, California or Indianapolis, Indiana.

We have a strong competition history, performing extremely well in the battery-electric category in 2019!