The Team

Graham Campbell

Team President

Graham Campbell is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. As the Team President, he is the external face representing our organization and is responsible for the administrative and technical oversight of team projects as well as coordinating recruitment efforts, training members and leads, and advancing the team towards the next decade of its operation. Outside of Eco Illini, Graham enjoys playing volleyball, eating good food, and hanging out with friends.


David Messerschmidt

Team Captain

David Messerschmidt is a senior from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and is studying Computer Engineering. As Team Captain, he is responsible for integrating all subteam level projects into a single vehicle by setting goals, managing timelines, and coordinating cross-subteam collaboration. In his free time, he likes to workout, play video games, and enjoys making tasty food. After getting his degree, David aims to help electrify the automotive market for a greener future.


Subteam Leads

Josh Lipman

Aerodynamics Lead

Josh Lipman is a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering. As the Aerodynamics Sub-Team Lead, he is responsible for managing air flow around the car. Specifically, he designs and simulates aerodynamic additions to the team’s current car and plans future car models with the goal of minimizing drag. In his free time, Josh enjoys playing golf and riding his bike. He is also a big Cubs fan. After graduation, he hopes to work in the transportation industry.


Adrian Morales

Body Lead

Adrian Morales is a junior studying Materials Science and Engineering. As a body sub-team lead, he is responsible for all things pertaining to the body of the car. The main duty includes manufacturing the carbon fiber layouts that comprise the car. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and soccer.


Arjun Shah

Mechanical Lead

Arjun Shah is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. As the mechanical lead, he is working to coordinate the design and construction of every mechanical system and ensure proper integration with every other subteam. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess and tennis. After finishing undergrad, he hopes to either earn a graduate degree or pursue a career in the aerospace industry.


Leo Zhenn Zhe

Electrical Lead

Leo is a Senior studying Mechanical Engineering. He is in charge of the Electrical Sub-Team, which is responsible for the car’s electrical systems such as the electric motor, motor controller, and battery management system. Academically, his interests include control systems and industrial automation. In his free time, Leo enjoys climbing and tinkering with his personal projects.


Jonah Garland

Engine Lead

Jonah is a sophomore currently studying mechanical engineering and computer science. He is in charge of all things engine, including how it interacts with other electrical and mechanical systems. The engine subteam is responsible for designing, tuning, and operating the engine with as little fuel as possible. Jonah has a long history of building large scale art, designing engineering projects, and competing in robotics. When Jonah’s not building, he loves to adventure in nature, cook, and play video games.



Shyam Thyagarajan


Shyam Thyagarajan is a senior from River Vale, New Jersey studying Aerospace Engineering. As the Treasurer, he is responsible for managing the team’s finances, diversifying funds for each sub team, and helping source funding for the team’s projects. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and piano. After his studies, Shyam hopes to find a career in aerospace engineering and/or computer science and eventually pursue a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.


Sidd Anand

Safety Officer

Sidd Anand is a sophomore in mechanical engineering. He is the team’s Safety Officer and is tasked with making sure we are following safety protocols in our workspace and that our vehicles are rules-compliant for competition. In his free time, he likes to watch F1, cook, and be outdoors.


Tiffany Liu

Media/Social Lead

Tiffany Liu is a sophomore studying Materials Science & Engineering and Geophysics. She manages visuals, such as merch, the website, and the posts on social media, and she also organizes social events. In and outside of Eco Illini, Tiffany enjoys hanging out with friends and working on collaborative projects.


All Our Hardworking Members!