The Team

Vineet Patel

Team President

Vineet Patel is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. As the Team President, he is the external face representing our organization and is responsible for the administrative and technical oversight of team projects as well as coordinating recruitment efforts, training members and leads, and advancing the team towards the next decade of its operation. Outside of Eco Illini, Vineet enjoys playing basketball, hiking, and photography.


Jonah Garland

Chief Engineer

Jonah is a sophomore currently studying mechanical engineering and computer science. As the chief engineer, Jonah is responsible for tackling the difficult technical challenges from design to manufacturing. Jonah has a long history of building large scale art, designing engineering projects, and competing in robotics. When Jonah’s not building, he loves to adventure in nature, cook, and play video games.


Arjun Shah

Engineering Architect

Arjun Shah is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. As the engineering architect, he is responsible for systems level integration and training and educating members on various technical topics. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess and tennis. After finishing undergrad, he hopes to either earn a graduate degree or pursue a career in the aerospace industry.


Subteam Leads

Adrian Morales

Body Lead

Adrian Morales is a junior studying Materials Science and Engineering. As a body sub-team lead, he is responsible for all things pertaining to the body of the car. The main duty includes manufacturing the carbon fiber layouts that comprise the car. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and soccer.


Rishi Patil

Mechanical Lead

Rishi is a Sophomore in Civil Engineering. As the Mechanical Sub-Team Lead, he facilitates many of the car’s projects, and helps ensure a robust mechanical system; smooth and effective. He is interested in sustainability-driven innovation, and more efficient construction methods. In his free time, Rishi likes to run and spend time outdoors.


Aaditya Kothary

Electrical Lead

Aaditya is a sophomore studying Computer Engineering. As the Hardware lead for the Electrical Subteam, he is responsible for ensuring electrical systems in the car such as the sensor systems, driver display, and wire harnesses are robustly and efficiently designed. He is interested in Embedded Systems hardware and Power Systems Control. In his free time, you may be able to spot him zooming up and down campus on one of his longboards or cooking some beats at his desk.



Sude Baltaci


Sude is a sophomore studying Astrophysics. As the Treasurer, they are responsible for managing the team’s finances, diversifying funds for each sub team, and helping source funding for the team’s projects. When not working, Sude enjoys travelling and reading, especially classics and comics. After graduation, they hope to get into research projects in cosmology and pursue a master’s degree in the same field.


Sidd Anand

Operations Director

Sidd Anand is a sophomore in mechanical engineering. He is the team’s Operations Lead and is tasked with making sure we are following safety protocols in our workspace, managing workshop logistics, and ensure our vehicles are rules-compliant for competition. In his free time, he likes to watch F1, cook, and be outdoors.


All Our Hardworking Members!