Fall 2022 Recruitment

Our workdays and general meetings are great way to get involved and join our team!

  • Saturday at 12pm at Engineering Student Project Laboratory (ESPL)

2022-2023 Meeting Times and Locations

General Team Meeting

Every Monday, 6:00 pm at Sidney Lu MEB room 2100

Team Workday

Every Saturday, 12:00 pm at ESPL

Subteam Meetings

Aerodynamics: Thursday at 5:30-6:30 PM on Teams

Body: Tuesday at 7:00-8:00 PM at ESPL

Mechanical: Thursday 6:00-7:00 PM at ESPL

Engine: Thursday 5:00-6:00 PM at ESPL

Electrical: Tuesday 7-8PM at OpenLab

Why to Join Eco Illini Supermileage?

Eco Illini Supermileage is a great way to apply what is learned in the classroom to real life engineering problems. Building some of the most efficient vehicles in the county is a great way to do it! We are a project-based student organization that tackles a mix of hands-on and research/design work with the intent to provide every member with meaningful experiences, an outlet to develop technical and professional skills and tie course content to real-world situations via the projects you take on/assist with on the team.

How to Get Involved?

To get involved with our team, come attend one of our general meetings: we have 4 subteams to join based on your interests and would be more than happy to answer your questions.

What does each Subteam do?


Our design starts here. The Aero team researches, designs, simulates through CFD, and finally validates our carbon fiber monocoque: built for the lowest drag force and drag coefficient possible while maintaining structural integrity and minimizing weight.


The Body team takes the aero design and focuses on layups of our huge carbon fiber monocoque, currently utilizing innovative composites and our VARTM process to fabricate an hand crafted aerodynamic shell while creating mounts for all the subsystems within.


The Mechanical team deals with everything in the car that experiences a force. Our mechanical team is fortunate to have 3 projects leads focusing on their respective subsystems.

Mechanical Project Leads:
Vehicle Dynamics

Our vehicle dynamics project lead focuses on our ackerman steering system and drivetrain, accounting for weight reduction and inefficient mechanical friction.


We run a highly modified Briggs and Stratton Junior 206 engine with an impressive 16:1 compression ratio, focusing on the gas powered system in our combustion prototype car. We pride ourselves on getting our hands dirty going into the engine and modifying each part for pure efficiency.


To validate our designs and builds, we have a dedicated project lead to testing, data acquisition and analysis of our car’s performance. Whether it is quantifying aerodynamic, mechanical, or electrical efficiency, we evaluate and iterate to ensure reliable and robust designs.


Our electrical team designed and fabricated our innovative 1st place winning all electric propulsion prototype car. On our newer electric car, our team works out of the ECE Open Lab to work on graduate level custom motor controllers and battery systems. We achieved a whopping 152 mi/kWh run at the 2019 Shell Eco Marathon Americas.