Why Join Eco Illini Supermileage?

Eco Illini is a great way to apply what is learned in the classroom to real life engineering problems. We are a project-based student organization that tackles a mix of hands-on and research/design work with the intent to provide every member with meaningful experiences. We offer opportunities to develop technical and professional skills and tie course content to real-world situations. No experience necessary!

How to Get Involved?

To get involved with our team, come attend one of our general meetings: we have 5 subteams to join based on your interests and would be more than happy to answer your questions. If you cannot make it to a meeting, contact us!

Upcoming EVENTS

Monday, 5:00pm at CIF Rm 2035 – Weekly General Meeting (ME199)

Electrical: Thursdays at 7pm-9pm in ECEB Open Lab 

Body: Wednesday at 7pm in ESPL

Mechanical: Tuesdays at 6:30pm at ESPL 

Engine: Mondays at 6-7pm at ESPL

Aero: Friday at 6:30pm at MEB

Team Workday: Saturday 12 PM ESPL

What does each Subteam do?


Our design starts here. The Aero team researches, designs, simulates through CFD. Their goal is the lowest drag force and drag coefficient possible while maintaining structural integrity and minimizing weight.


The Body team takes the aero design and focuses on creating our huge carbon fiber monocoque, currently utilizing innovative composites and a VARTM process to fabricate a hand crafted shell while including mounts for all the subsystems within.


The Mechanical team deals with everything in the car that experiences a force. Our mechanical team is often focuses on wheels, brakes, structural trusses, and mounts.


The Engine team focuses on creating custom engine parts to further increase gasoline efficiency. They also test these engines on an in-house dynometer.


The Electrical team designs and fabricates our electric systems, ranging from electric propulsion to driver displays. We design our own PCBs for these projects! Our electrical team works in the ECE Open Lab, which gives them access to many industry standard electronics equipment.